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Tell us a bit about yourself and when you first became interested in becoming a Floral Designer… what/who inspires you?

Both my grandmothers are avid gardeners and flower enthusiasts, so I always appreciated the beauty of flowers. Watching them tend to their gardens with such affection made me appreciate their fragility and my interest in flowers bloomed into a passion. A desire to learn coupled with a great respect for floral artistry inspired me to enroll in a floral design program. Upon completion, I relinquished my tenure as a Senior Analyst for a Management Consulting firm and launched Makini Regal Designs, a boutique floral and event design company.


What is your favorite flower?

It’s so hard to choose and varies often! Orchids are a staple in every corner of my home. They have a simplistic beauty that makes them such a great statement piece. I am especially fond of Phalaenopsis and Cymbidums and use them in my designs as often as I can. Peonies are also another favorite and make exquisite, fragrant bouquets. Ranunculi are lush, happy and add a touch of gaiety to every occasion.


Where do you get inspiration for your floral designs?

My Brooklyn upbringing and Trinidadian roots are deeply woven into me and inspire everything I do. I also find inspiration daily, from nature, to fashion to colors and textures. My design process, however, is organic – I don’t always fully conceptualize the pieces until I arrive at the flower market, right before an event. Once I choose my primary bloom everything else falls into place, almost magically. I approach each design with an open mind and a fresh approach and try to incorporate even the smallest of detail that will compliment each, unique event.


How would you describe your style?

Makini Regal Designs fuses both classical and contemporary elements with just a touch of whimsy. The result is a unique design suitable for any event, from traditional to avant-garde. We take the needs of our clients very seriously and strive very hard to conceptualize their style and ideas and deliver a stunning final product.


What advice would you offer to brides looking for a great florist for their wedding day?

 Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so every detail has to be perfectly executed. Flowers play such a huge part of your wedding decor so it is important that you choose someone who understands design and can execute your vision. Be prepared for your consultation. Photos of your wedding dress, swatches of your table linen and magazine clippings of your favorite designs can all be helpful in understanding your wedding style. The more information that you can provide your floral designer, the easier it will be for them to create floral artistry that will be sure to wow you and your guests.


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The Proposal: Valentine’s Day Edition

The Proposal: Valentine’s Day Edition


Regardless what day of the week Valentine’s Day falls on: Couples all around the world chose this

romantic day to declare their L O V E to each other and the world.

Here are four proposal ideas for anyone looking to make it official on February 14th, 2013

Proposal # 1- Scrapbook It!


Create a scrapbook of memories – Gather ticket stubs, photos, restaurant takeout menus, and event programs – anything that represents your journey of love. On the last page of the scrapbook, have the words “Will You Marry Me” at the top and then present the ring.  Be sure to take a picture after the proposal to complete the last page of the scrapbook.

Proposal # 2- Dining In


Create an intimate and personal setting in your home. Sprinkle roses from the doorway leading into the dining room where there is a romantic table set for two. Have her take a seat. Enter the room with a serving tray with a bottle of champagne or wine with two glasses and the ring box.

Proposal # 3- Menu of Love


Make reservations at a romantic restaurant. Plan ahead and ask the manager for his cooperation. Print up a “special” menu that lists 10 reasons why you love her. After the final number, instruct her to turn over the menu where she will read the words, “Will you marry me”?

Proposal # 4 – Love is in a box of chocolate


Purchase a Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolate. Replace one of the chocolates with the engagement ring. Leave the box of chocolate with a bouquet of flowers on the bed.